Senator Ademola Adeleke Exchanging pleasantries with Osun State speaker

By: Feranmi / October 2, 2021 / 20 Views

Senator Ademola Adeleke Exchanging pleasantries with Osun State speaker
Senator Ademola Adeleke Exchanging pleasantries with Osun State speaker

Yesterday we all converged on the playing ground of the Federal Polytechnic in Ede for the funeral of the Wife of Osun State PDP Deputy Chairman – Elder Sunday Akanfe Atidade, Deaconess Titi Akanfe who is the mother of Hon Olaniran Akanfe Atidade. And then something worthy happened! The Speaker of the House of Assembly Timothy Owoeye had earlier arrived and shortly after then the rave of all times in Osun State politics Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke also arrived. Expectedly, Adeleke became the only attraction of over 98% of the crowd as everybody present struggled to have a glimpse of their amiable Son of the soil.After some short time that his Excellency had sat down together with his entourage who came in a motorcade, having restored calm, ethically Senator Ademola Adeleke rose to acknowledge the crowd across the arena and he started that from the Osun State Speaker who was not sitting far from him under the same canopy.In their exchange of courtesy and pleasantry, the next Governor specifically instructed me to snap this picture despite that there are over 100 phones, cameras, and gadgets competing to film. At that point and upon the instruction I knew that it is incumbent on me to analyse the mood. The Mr Speaker also came back to the section where the Senator was sitting to pay homage and for that we commend Owoeye’s sense of mutual respect.Now to my analysis! I recall that sometimes in 2010 when Prince Oyinlola Olagunsoye’s governorship was terminated by the Appeal Court in Ibadan headed by Justice Clara if I remember well, the House of Assembly in force was a PDP dominated Assembly under the leadership of Rt. Honourable Rafiu Adejare Bello. Aregbesola inherited that leadership and for the first time a Governor under a separate banner worked with a House of Assembly peopled mostly by Members of another emblem politically. In the long run, Honourable Adejare Bello has had to also defect and join Aregbesola in the same party after some 7 years, later.Yesterday, as Adeleke and Timothy Owoeye shook hands, there was a reverberation in my mind that history is about to repeat itself the second time in Osun State. Recall that the governorship election in Osun State will come up in 2022, about a year before the expiration of the tenure of the Honourable Speaker Timothy Owoeye. Given the past antecedent of Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke in 2018 where he won a main governorship election on September 22nd, and the trajectory of developments in the political landscape as we venture into 2022, it is envisaged and predicted that Adeleke stands a good and clear chance to emerge as Governor of Osun State by popular demand of the electorates in the next polls.When this happens, as at November 2022 next year when fresh swearing in ceremony might take place, Speaker Owoeye Timothy will still be in office as Speaker and number 3 Citizen of the state barring any untoward unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, I project that Adeleke and Owoeye may simultaneously lead the two leading arms of government in Osun State namely executive and legislature at least for sometime as from 2022 up to 2023 minimum. It therefore remains unseen if the Speaker will switch along partisan cross carpeting after the time to retain his hold with a new Governor as was crystallized in the old

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