LAUTECH: Conventional University, A Great Idea
“Moving 30yrs Old Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, A Wrong Move”

By: Feranmi / September 16, 2021 / 631 Views

Recently, a piece of information circulating on social media that Faculty of Agricultural Sciences should resume work with immediate effect in Iseyin, though still regarded as rumour, has caused unrest and hot argument among the students of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

I must commend the effort of Governor Seyi Makinde for finding a permanent solution to LAUTECH joint ownership, reconstruction of 3km UnderG-Stadium road, 25% reduction in tution fee and the efforts of making LAUTECH a conventional University. It’s a huge form of development.

Presently the 9th Nigeria Assembly is proposing creation of States from the existing ones across the country, Oke-Ogun , which Iseyin is part are agitating for Oke-Ogun State. If it happens, this can be another saga of joint ownership palaver. But if not, why would government move an existing Faculty instead of creating a new one.

As LAUTECH stands today, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is the best and largest Faculty in the campus with over 7,500 student population. This faculty has contributed hugely to growth and development of LAUTECH, as well as it’s environment and Ogbomosho at large. Why can’t the government create another faculty in Iseyin instead of moving the existing faculty.

Exclusively, Faculty of Agricultural Science students Say No to Iseyin it is a counterproductive step to LAUTECH entirely.
We are admitted in Ogbomosho not Iseyin.
If not all, most of us have paid hostel rents, so many of us have paid for 4-5 years hostel rent. Faculty Agriculture has grown in terms of physical and human resources development that no one can tamper with. We reliably gathered that some individuals who are pursing selfish agenda are behind the devilish step not the directives of ever reasonable Governor Seyi Makinde. We can’t forgo our hostel rents in Ogbomosho and move to Iseyin where there is no accommodation. Faculty of agriculture should not be eradicated in Ogbomoso otherwise it is a step towards unending crisis.

Few days ago Amotekun arrested four kidnappers in Oyo-Iseyin road. We wouldn’t allow you to prone 7,500 students in danger. We can’t travel through that disastrous road.

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences can’t relinquish a billion naira project in Ogbomosho and move to Iseyin where there is no facilities, equipment and infrastructure.
Iseyin campus didn’t have ICT for our Computer-Based Tests.

Don’t inconvenient our lecturers for nothing.
It’s vaxation when you see your lecturers in hassle. Leaving their families and million naira projects in Ogbomosho and move to where there is no accommodation for them. Lecturing in inconvenient zone is deadly.Sequitur

If there is need for conversion of LAUTECH to a conventional University or creation of new faculties, there are numerous new programs in Agriculture that can be floated and moved to the other towns aside from moving the existing departments and faculties in Ogbomoso.
A new faculty should be created in Iseyin and not the existing ones.

The new employee together with new students should be moved to Iseyin . There are a lot of security challenges and risks of travelling up and down which can claim lives through road accidents and attacks .

Aluta Continua…..Victoria Aserta.



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